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Medical and Legal Professionals

From residency to retirement, we partner with physicians and practitioners to help them feel confident in their financial planning and for their practices to succeed in the highly competitive and regulated health care environment. We also have an extensive history of partnering with attorneys and legal professionals, ranging from those who have freshly passed the bar to those who have achieved the partner level at global law firms.

Services and concerns specific to doctors and lawyers may include:

Debt management

  • Managing student loan debt
  • Effectively budgeting payment

Business planning

  • Contract review services
  • Medical practice consulting services with Alloy Silverstein CPAs
  • Litigation support services with Alloy Silverstein CPAs
  • Succession and exit plans

Retirement planning

  • IRA rollover and distribution planning
  • Income projection analysis

Insurance planning

  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Liability and risk management

Investment planning

  • After tax return of investments
  • Asset allocation and portfolio design
  • Diversification strategies

Estate planning

  • Wills and trusts

To learn more, please call our team at 856-667-6228.

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